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Lisa Callif Featured in Variety Article on Ownership Rights of a ‘Sound of Freedom’ Sequel

Lisa Callif was recently quoted in Variety’s article, “‘Sound of Freedom’ Sequel Chaos: Who Owns the Rights?,” which examines legal complications surrounding who has ownership of exclusive life rights to the film’s subject, Tim Ballard, in a potential follow-up feature. Producer Mike Ilitch Jr., Director Alejandro Monteverde, and Angel Studios are all possible contenders, though the facts of their intellectual property contracts are contradictory.

Lisa explains, “This is unusual because if it was a big studio, the studio would have locked up all of the rights, and [Ballard] wouldn’t have had the opportunity to go and enter into an agreement with somebody else.” She continues, “I do understand why it happened because they probably were hoping to make this one movie and had no idea it would be as successful as it is. And now they’re in this predicament.”

Read the full article here.