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Dean Cheley Talks YouTube Stars, Self-Distribution and More with ScreenCraft

Partner Dean Cheley was interviewed for the ScreenCraft article, “Entertainment Attorney Dean Cheley on YouTube Stars, Self-Distribution and More,” discussing life-rights issues, the new world of online distribution and the effects of social media on filmmaking. Mr. Cheley addresses the rise of direct-to-consumer films and how this has changed the way filmmakers are building their fanbase. “We have filmmakers who start building out their fanbase before they start shooting,” says Mr. Cheley. “They build these loyal fans and loyal audiences that are much more effective than a marketing staff in terms of media.”

He also expounds upon the gray areas of rights issues for people who are choosing to make an independent film and self-distributing it online. “You have a first-amendment right to tell your story,” Mr. Cheley advises. “So long as you write your script in a way that doesn’t violate any personal rights, you have the right to do that.”

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