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Business Insider Covers Michael Donaldson’s Journey to Breaking an Ice Swimming World Record at 84

Business Insider recently profiled Michael Donaldson and his remarkable journey over the last decade, one which led him to prioritize his health over work for the first time at age 75 – and break a world record in under-ice swimming at age 84.

In February 2024, Michael set the senior men’s world record for ice swimming, traveling a remarkable 98.4 feet under the ice in a wetsuit with no fins or gloves. He told Business Insider that it felt “almost like a religious experience. You’re all by yourself, just you and the cold water, and you know you’re going to make it.”

Michael shared some healthy habits he adopted in his 70s that allowed him to complete his fitness goals and set this world record, including growing his own vegetables, rarely drinking alcohol or eating red meat, and performing breathing exercises. He was inspired by observing residents of Blue Zones (regions where it is more common to live to 100) including Okinawa, Japan and Nicoya, Costa Rica.

“When you’re between 65 and 95, ‘someday’ is here. It truly is the best time of life, the last third,” Michael said. “I have time for hobbies and taking care of myself, and I’ve had some wonderful opportunities.”

Read the full article in Business Insider:

A lawyer got fit in his 70s after prioritizing work over health for years. Three simple changes to his diet helped him set a swimming record at age 84.