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Alexandre O. Philippe discusses his doc “Lynch/Oz” with

We’re thrilled to see our client’s film receive such well-deserved praise—and we’re grateful for the shout out in this incredible interview!

Click HERE to check out the full interview at!

We highly recommend reading this full interview with Alexandre, who discusses (in meticulous detail) his brilliant documentary “Lynch/Oz”—which examines the influence of The Wizard of Oz on the oeuvre of legendary filmmaker David Lynch.

Of course, we were particularly excited to read Alexandre’s thoughts on the importance of Fair Use (below)—which included a shout out to our firm!:

We work with the law firm Donaldson Callif Perez, LLP, who are the best at what they do. Kerry Deignan Roy, the producer at my company Exhibit A Pictures and my longtime business partner, works very hard at this and is very thorough. I usually have to convince her of any clip usage before we take it to the attorneys. I’ve been doing this long enough now that I know what’s going to fly, what’s probably not going to fly that I shouldn’t try, and then what are the gray areas that we need to discuss. For me, Fair Use comes with a profound respect and understanding of copyright, and I want to be very clear about that. The films that we make are not about stealing someone else’s work, they’re about interpreting and reinterpreting it. We want to show these works in a different way through a different lens. 

We’d like to give our thanks to Alexandre for the generous mention—and a huge congratulations to our clients for the continued recognition and coverage of Lynch/Oz!