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“The Power of Film” to premiere January 4 on Turner Classic Movies!

Congratulations to our client, Laura Gabbert — and the entire cast and crew of The Power of Film — on their upcoming premiere! We can’t wait to catch the debut of the first episode Thursday, January 4 at 5 pm PT on TCM!

This 6-part docuseries — which is based on the theories of celebrated UCLA professor Howard Suber — examines the narrative structures and storytelling methods that makes movies so popular and memorable.

Below is the screening schedule for every episode of The Power of Film:

Episode 1 – Popular and Memorable Thursday, 1/4 @ 5pm & 8:15pm PT
Episode 2 – Trapped Thursday, 1/11 @ 5pm & 8pm PT
Episode 3 – Character Relationships Thursday, 1/18 @ 5pm & 8:15pm PT
Episode 4 – Heroes and VillainsThursday, 1/25 @ 5pm & 8:15pm PT
Episode 5 – The Power of ParadoxThursday, 2/1 @ 5pm & 8:45pm PT
Episode 6 – Love and Meaning Thursday, 2/8 @ 5pm & 8pm PT

Click HERE for more details!