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“A Life of Her Own” now available on Amazon!

Congratulations to our client Wendy Zomparelli on the release of her new novel! A LIFE OF HER OWN is now available on, as both an e-book and paperback!

A Life of Her Own is a historical novel set in the 1820s that follows a young Englishwoman named Margaret Dashwood (a character who played a minor role in Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility). Margaret sets off to Italy to pursue her love of early archaeology—but soon finds that her exciting journey is full of unexpected difficulties and dangers.

This novel is an eloquent ode to 19th century fiction set in a fully-realized and detailed world—the result of extensive historical research by Wendy Zomparelli. We’re incredibly proud of our client for creating such a delightful and well-received novel!

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