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Lisa Callif Speaks to The Hollywood Reporter About Recent Defamation Lawsuits in Light of “Baby Reindeer” Series Allegations 

Lisa Callif recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter regarding a recent slew of defamation lawsuits against Netflix dramas based on real events, including When They See UsInventing Anna, and Baby Reindeer. The article, “Behind Netflix’s Real-Life Legal Dramas,” delves into how the growing number of defamation lawsuits may impact the legal protections governing how real-life events and subjects are dramatized on television.

Lisa tells THR that increased scrutiny around TV dramatizations has resulted in a “difficult dynamic,” leading creatives to avoid “embellishing things, like adding negative attributes or enhancing negative depictions.”

“Now we have this battery of cases going to our point. This makes us even more careful,” she adds.

Read the full piece in The Hollywood Reporter