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Lisa Callif Guest Stars on CBS Sports Radio Segment on Movie and Documentary Production Rights

Lisa Callif recently appeared as an on-air guest for CBS Sports Radio’s “The D.A. Show,” which aired September 1, 2023. During her interview, she shed light on the personal rights challenges that often arise in the production of movies and documentaries that feature athletes and other individuals, particularly in light of recent legal controversies surrounding “The Blind Side” and its key figures, Michael Oher and the Tuohy family.

One common concern is the concept of life rights. Lisa explains, “We all have a First Amendment right to tell a story, and that doesn’t go away just because the facts are interesting or because the facts are about somebody.”

She continues to tell CBS Sports Radio, “Life rights give the person access to that individual. It hopefully gives the individual who is making the content a waiver of claims, which is a really great thing, and it gives that person, often exclusivity to the individual. And it gives the filmmaker or content creator the ability to have that person involved in publicity and involved in promoting the film or whatever the content is.”

View the full segment here (starting at 3:31:00).