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Lisa Callif Discusses the Ins and Outs of Securing Rights to Material on ABC Radio

As a guest speaker on ABC Radio’s Gurvey Law, Partner Lisa Callif delved into several common issues she runs into as a clearance attorney, including misconceptions regarding defamation. Though many believe that merely stating a negative opinion of a person can count as defamation, this is not the case. “It really has to be a false statement of fact intended to harm a person,” Lisa said.

Lisa also discussed some of the challenges of obtaining errors and omissions coverage. “For documentaries that are critical of big corporations, the filmmakers will want us to write a letter saying ‘There is no viable defamation claim,’” she said. “That means the filmmakers have to literally find a source for every single fact in their film, and we have to go through all the sources to make sure they’re reliable.”

Gurvey’s Law, hosted by Alan Gurvey and Kerri Kasem, features attorneys and legal scholars, as well as writers, entertainers, athletes and newsmakers from all walks of life.

Listen to the full interview.