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Daily Journal Features Dean Cheley on New Digital Distribution Opportunities

The increasing prominence of digital distribution deals within the entertainment industry provides unprecedented revenue-generating opportunities for indie filmmakers. Partner Dean Cheley, who represents independent filmmakers in distribution matters, explores this growing trend in the Daily Journal article, “Digital marketplace creates boundless distribution opportunities for indie films.”

“Theatrical releases leave [independent] films in the red,” explains Mr. Cheley. At the same time, the number of low-budget films being offered by online platforms is increasing exponentially every month–a benefit for independent filmmakers who rely on digital sales to recoup the costs of their films.

Traditionally, one distributor would retain all of a film’s rights. “Now we’re in the reality where maybe it makes more sense to chop those rights up and exploit them individually,” Mr. Cheley adds. “You still grant those rights to the distributor, but you retain the right to sell digital sales from the filmmaker’s website.”

Ultimately, the continued growth and evolution of digital distribution deals will well-position independent filmmakers to reap greater benefits.