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Congratulations to our clients whose projects have been selected for DOC NYC 2023!

We’re beyond thrilled for our 13 clients who will be screening their films at the 14th annual DOC NYC festival! See below for a full list of our clients’ projects:

Between Life and Death

Latchkey Films

Confessions of a Good Samaritan

Penny Lane / Gabriel Sedgwick

The Cowboy and the Queen

Blue Ground Films


Little Rabbit Productions

Merchant Ivory

Modernist Film / Stephen Soucy

Riders on the Storm

Blackbeard Films

The Riot Report


Shari & Lamb Chop

White Horse Pictures

Taking Back the Groove

Dial Tone Films

Taking Venice

Gert Productions

Time Bomb Y2K

Brian Becker


Judith Mizrachy

Yours in Freedom, Bill Baird

Terra Mater Studios GmbH