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Congratulations to our client Constantine Papanicolaou for his Los Angeles Greek Film Festival release of “Frozen Ambrosia”

Premiering at the LA Greek Film Festival’s Closing Night on June 11, 2017, 2:00pm

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When people think of Greece, few realize that the country has high mountains and a winter season, with skiing and snowboarding. Determined to change this perception, Greek-American filmmaker Constantine Papanicolaou sets out on an adventure to make a ski film that will show the magic of winter in Greece. Upon arriving, Constantine befriends a group of locals who become interested in helping him with the project. Soon, however, a difficult truth emerges. The economic crisis is taking a toll on the ski resorts in Greece. Fortunately, a movement has started, called Oreivatiko Ski, or ski mountaineering, where people forego the ski resorts to climb the mountain with their own power. Obstacles and challenges must be overcome, but ultimately the Greeks persevere, and Constantine discovers that winter in Greece is indeed magical.

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