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Cheers to TXL Films for wrapping production on their ambitious feature film, “Nomad”!

Huge congrats are in store for our longtime clients at TXL—and the whole cast and crew of Nomad—on wrapping their continent-hopping shoot!

Nomad is an unorthodox love story that begins when Ben (an enigmatic nomad) and Nellie (a stifled city girl) cross paths. Their burgeoning relationship is complicated by Ben’s bizarre condition, which inexplicably teleports them to every corner of the Earth.

One of the few films in cinematic history to be shot in all seven continents, Nomad was filmed entirely on location across 26 countries—with its two lead actors and a traveling crew of only eight.

We’re extremely proud of our clients for their awe-inspiring work on this uniquely challenging and immensely impressive project!

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