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Avoiding an E&O S.O.S.: Lisa Callif and Christopher Perez Co-Author Realscreen Article

Partners Lisa Callif and Christopher Perez have obtained errors and omissions (E&O) insurance for countless clients. In the Realscreen article “Avoiding an E&O S.O.S.,” they use their expertise to share a list of their top seven preventable E&O pitfalls and mistakes filmmakers should watch out for.

Filmmakers often mistakenly believe that they don’t need E&O until they get distribution. However, obtaining E&O is in fact extremely important for controversial non-fiction projects and documentaries or narrative films that have not obtained all the rights to the true stories on which they are based. Waiting too long to insure a controversial project could result in publicity or cease-and-desist letters, causing insurance companies to view the project as high-risk and therefore unviable.

Another mistake Lisa and Chris often see is incorrectly filling out the E&O application, or even intentionally omitting information from the application. Though filmmakers may be reluctant to disclose information for fear of not getting coverage, this can backfire on a project.

It’s vital for filmmakers to protect themselves and their work with E&O insurance. Though this seem like a complex and confusing process, early action, thoroughness and transparency will go a long way toward successfully obtaining E&O insurance.

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