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Congratulating our clients who’ve produced 6 Documentaries and 4 Feature Films in the 2012 Toronto Film Festival

We are very pleased to congratulate so many of our clients who are being featured as a part of the 2012 Toronto Film Festival. 

Festival 2012 



Dan Setton and Elise Pearlstein — “State 194”

Treva Wurmfeld — “Shepard and Dark”

Marina Zenovich — “Roman Polanski:  Odd Man Out”

Liz Garbus — “Love, Marilyn”

Daniel Dreifuss — “NO”

Blumhouse Productions — “The Bay”

Blumhouse Productions– “The Lords of Salem”

Rodney Ascher and Tim Kirk — “Room 237”

Ilan Arboleda, Kate Lacey, and Tom Donahue — “Casting By”

Bert Marcus and Grant Jolly — “How to Make Money Selling Drugs”